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Semantics on design means to understand the subject in all its aspects; to relate the subject to the sender and the receiver in such a way that it makes sense to both. It means to design something that has a meaning, that is not arbitrary, that has a reason for being, something in which every detail carries the meaning or has a precise purpose aimed at a precise target.

Unfortunately there are designers and marketing people who intentionally look down on the consumer with the notion that vulgarity has a definite appeal to the masses and therefore they supply the market with a continuous flow of crude and vulgar design.

Vulgarity implies a blatant intention of a form of expression that purposely ignores and bypasses any form of established culture.

Discipline. There are no hierarchies when it comes to quality. Quality is there or is not there, and if it's not there, we have wasted our time.

However, one has to be cautious in playing with ambiguity because if not well measured it can backfire with unpleasant results. Contradiction can sometimes reinforce ambiguity, but more often it is a sign of discontinuity and lack of control. Ambiguity and contradiction can enrich a project but can equally sink the end results.

Modernism is not a style but the projection of an ideology encompassing awareness of the production process and the final destination of its products. Styles are just opposite — ephemeral manifestations of the speculative desires of producers.

Brilliant design solutions have always taken into consideration the contextual situation that constrains them, and that is what made them brilliant and unusual.

None of the well-designed products will ever survive the response of the focus group. Well-conceived and -designed products are the result of courage not fear. Behind every well- designed product there is a brilliant company. Every successful entrepreneur acts on risk rather than statistics provided by fearful managers.