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30 дней

30 days of getting result (часть вторая)

Выписал ещё мыслей из брошюрки. В первой части написал о трёх достижениях, границах и бюджете, инвестировании в себя, помощнике и сортировке задач.

Правило трёх:

Each day you wake up is another chance to ask the question, “What are three things you want for today?” ... and so you write your story forward, one day at a time.

Присутствие в моменте:

“What are you rushing through for?”… Sometimes it’s because people are late. Sometimes it’s because they are more focused on the goal, than the journey. A lot of times, it’s because they simply didn’t allow themselves to be here now, where this moment is the one that really counts.

When I think of “peaceful calm”, words that come to mind are: tranquil, centered, serene, and peaceful. I also think of a series of “R” words including: restful, resourceful, relaxed, responsive, and ready.


When you use metaphors that connect to your values, you find ways to turn ordinary situations into extraordinary situations. For example, I don’t drive a project, I “lead an epic adventure.” Adventure is one of my values, so I try and connect to it wherever I can.

In your life, it’s your story and you are the director. You choose what to point your camera at and the meaning you’ll make. Metaphors help you shape your story.

Внутренняя перезагрузка:

Don’t be late for today. Be early for tomorrow. All the time you spend dwelling on what you missed or opportunity lost, takes away from you getting ready to catch the next train. While your rear‐view mirror is helpful for learning lessons, find a way forward and lead yourself with skill by staying forward looking in your approach. Whenever you find yourself dwelling, ask yourself, “What’s next?”

Each day is a fresh start. Remember as a kid waking up each morning to a new and exciting day? That’s the point you need to start from. The difference is now you have skills. You also picked up some good habits and some bad habits along the way. You looked forward to growing up so you could do whatever you want.

Lastly, in addition to how you feel at the end of your day, it’s also important to notice how you feel when you wake up. If you’re not waking up refreshed, chances are that it’s what you did the night before that makes all the difference (barring any medical conditions, of course). So go ahead and find what works for you. Test some new patterns. Get creative. Explore your results.

Результаты — не обязательно задачи:

Remember that your three outcomes aren’t tasks. You might have lots of tasks that roll up to these three outcomes, but these are three results you want for the day. For example, for today I want see a good movie, have a great lunch, and ship a post that helps people make the most of their life, a day at a time. Those are the lines I’ve drawn in the sand for my day. They are subject to change, but they chart a simple course that I can choose to depart from, and trade‐ up or scale back with skill. Even if I decide to do nothing, it’s the art of making a more mindful choice that matters.

Правильные вопросы:

They act from their least effective state. There are many ways to put yourself in an ineffective state. A common one is to blow the problem out of proportion and make it larger than life. Another is to ask yourself limiting questions (“why me?”) or to adopt limiting beliefs (“I’ll never solve that”.) Switching to “how to” questions helps you engage your brain in a more resourceful way. Simply reframing your “problems” to “challenges” is an effective way to play with your problem in a more inspiring way.

Ask yourself, “What are you trying to accomplish?”, not “What are you trying to do?” It’s a very subtle, but very critical change in how you ask this question. When you focus on what you are trying to accomplish, you up‐level it, and immediately create more flexible solutions to solving your problem.


The lesson I keep learning on growing my success is ... Fill your head with stories of success, hang out with inspiring people, find the work that breathes life into your day, and play YOUR best game, in YOUR best arena.

At the end of the day, the key for you is that your arena make you strong and keeps you growing where it counts.

You don’t have to completely change your arena, or change it all at once, but if you find yourself keep getting stuck or not growing your success the way you want, then look to your environment as a way to structure and accelerate your success.